Photos by Jim Ramakka

Untitled photo


During my 4 decade-long career as a professional Wildlife Biologist, I used photography as way to document the various species and the habitats in which I worked. I knew the basics of depth of field, composition and exposure, but rarely, captured a stunning image. I have a closet stacked with cardboard boxes full of slides and old prints to prove it!

The advent of digital cameras rekindled my enthusiasm for photography that had waned over the years. I live in Northwest New Mexico, an area full of fantastic photographic opportunities.  In addition, retirement has provided me the time to pursue my interests  in a variety of places far from home.

The notes associated with  the galleries in the People and Places page at the bottom of the Portfolio  page  document a few of the people and places that have helped me develop as a photographer. I hope you enjoy viewing these images.  I plan to update galleries on a regular basis as I explore new areas and techniques trying to find that one  perfect photo!!

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